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REACH MORE Spotlight:

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and Campus Ministry


Parishes and Campus Ministries that REACH MORE

Diocese of Green Bay

Bishop David Ricken

"The Evangelical Catholic program is one of them where we can sit at the feet of Jesus together . . . to have that living and loving relationship with Jesus Christ that is so central to being a good Christian, a good Catholic. . . . We must be in a living loving relationship with Jesus Christ to know that he is alive, to know that he is real, and to be in daily communication with him."

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish and Student Center

Fr. Jon Seda

"I came here 24 years ago so I’ve seen a whole generation go through… Back then we were trying to keep cultural Catholics, cultural Catholics. Today young people are much more intentional about their religious commitment. The EC has been a big part of us shifting from the maintenance model to the mission model of the parish and that makes a big difference."

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Sean Ater, Director of the Office of the New Evangelization

"Not only does the EC have a solid theological understanding of the evangelization process given to us by the Church, they also have years and years of practical experience that has borne fruit in the lives of countless individuals…. The goal of the EC is not to become entrenched in a diocese but to empower the diocese to train others in the method of evangelization given to us by the Church."

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