The mission process drives everything.

In this course, we walk you through what each step of the process will look like as you implement Reach More at your parish or campus ministry.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Reach More Orientation

    • Welcome to Reach More!

    • This Is Reach More

    • The Goal

    • Inspired by Jesus' Mission Process

    • Discern Point People

    • Point Person Training

    • Discern and Invite

    • Form and Train

    • Send

    • The Role of Small Groups

    • Shepherd

    • Formation Never Ends

    • Movement, Not Program

    • Expand the Movement

    • Your EC Reach More Consultant

    • EC Help Desk

  • 2

    Preview: Mission Training Content & Components

    • Reach More Mission Training

    • Mission Training Content Preview

    • Components of Reach More Formation and Training

    • The Heart and Habits of Mission

    • The Heart and Habits of Discipleship

  • 3

    Where to Go Next

    • Next Steps for Pastoral Leaders

    • Next Steps for Point People

    • EC Pastor Manual

    • Acknowledgements