Your Movement Needs Shepherds

Point people lead the implementation of the mission process. They raise up disciple makers and care for them. It’s important to find the right individuals for this role, the ones God has chosen. We’ll help you find them.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Point Person Role

    • Welcome to Discern Point People

    • The Greatest Factor for Success

    • Course Overview

    • Seek a Builder and a Shepherd

    • The Character of a Builder

    • The Character of a Shepherd

    • A Spiritual Leader

    • Faithful

    • Available

    • Teachable

    • Advocate for the Movement

    • Who will be a good fit?

    • Point Person Responsibilities

    • Time Commitment

    • Sample Point Person Job Descriptions

  • 2

    Invite Potential Point People

    • Tips for Inviting

    • No Pressure!

    • Handout for Potential Point People

    • Point Person Discernment Packet

    • Video for Prospective Point People

    • What if I can't find point people in time?

  • 3

    Get Point People Started!

    • Point Person Access to Reach More

    • Point Person Orientation

  • 4

    Downloads and Acknowledgements

    • Files from Discern Point People

    • Acknowledgements