Learn the Mission Process of Jesus

During the three years of his active ministry, Jesus chose to devote the majority of his time and attention to a small group of followers. By investing in a few, Jesus used the power of personal relationships and apprenticeship to mobilize a group of people who could carry out his mission and build the Church. This is Jesus' mission process, and yours.
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The Mission Process

Objective 1: Find a Shepherd

Before beginning the mission process, we coach your pastoral team to determine which individuals (often staff) will receive weekly coaching and become "point people" who will shepherd the growing movement of disciple makers.
Activity of the Point Person Team

Objective 2: Lay Disciple Makers in the World

Through calls and visits, we coach the point people to form, train, and send waves of lay disciple makers into the mission field of their everyday lives. The lay disciple makers personally reach out to their family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and others, inviting the spiritually curious into a small group community and the spiritually hungry into one-on-one discipleship mentoring.
Description of the Lay Disciple-Maker

Objective 3: Build and Direct Momentum

Ongoing coaching and onsite visits catalyze your local movement of lay disciple makers and align other ministry efforts. We help you build the capacity for long-term growth and lasting impact.
Result of Onsite Visits
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at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati


Parishes and Campus Ministries that REACH MORE

Santa Sophia, Spring Valley, CA

Jimmy Villalobos, Point Person

If we only taught you how to be facilitators, we failed. Facilitating is something you do, but a disciple is someone you are. It's about caring for your friends.

St. Charles, Hartland, WI

Julie Malucha, Point Person

We have a new group of 11 souls that the Lord has gathered together to be trained and formed as leaders. We had fantastic Holy Spirit-filled discussion in response to Peter's video and to the Emmaus Scripture. I am excited to regroup our training efforts so that new leaders see, believe, and live the vision that small groups are the way we will evangelize the faith . . . that this is not just about leading a weekly Bible study.

St. Thomas Aquinas Student Center at ISU

Emily Klaus, Campus Minister

The stories I’m hearing from students, the ways that they’re reaching out to people has been amazing. God is placing people in these students’ lives and they’re responding. . . . Daily Mass is full; it’s full every single day. We have men just clamoring down the door. This never happens. This doesn’t happen in ministry!


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