Your leaders need you now, more than ever.

Imagine that you’ve spent months prayerfully discerning, forming, and training a group of disciple-makers. The rubber meets the road for these disciple-makers when you send them to lead small groups and one-on-ones, and all concepts and training may seem less-than-adequate to them. You’re now a shepherd to the shepherds, and they need your encouragement, support, and inspiration to lean into mission. We’ll coach you to help these leaders guide their flocks into meaningful encounters with the Lord Jesus. We’ll also coach you into tending to your leaders’ further development as Jesus’ servants and friends.

Course Outline

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Course Overview

    • Welcome to Shepherd

    • Two Essential Ingredients

  • 2

    2. Mission Community

    • Guide Them into Mission Community

    • Defining Mission Community

    • The Importance of Mission Community

    • Settings and Frequency of Mission Community

    • A Resource for Mission Community

    • Life on Mission - From Basic Training to a Lifestyle of Reaching More

    • How to Connect People into Mission Community

    • More of an Art than a Science

    • Use a Huddle to Expedite the Transition

    • Find a Few Instigators of Mission Community

    • You Need Mission Community Too

    • Tips and Considerations

  • 3

    3. One-on-One Shepherding

    • Continue One-on-One Outreach to All Leaders

    • Frequency of Shepherding One-on-Ones

    • Method: Life–Growth–Mission

    • A Basic Formula for Shepherding One-on-One Conversations

    • From Life Circumstances to God's Action

    • Follow-Up Questions Are Your Friend

    • Support for Their Apostolate

    • Define-Plan-Act Worksheet

    • Define-Plan-Act Worksheet (Spanish)

    • What's Next for Your Small Group

    • What's Next for Your Small Group (Spanish)

  • 4

    4. Ongoing Formation

    • We All Need Ongoing Formation

    • Ongoing Formation Happens in Many Ways

    • Video 7.4 Huddles as a Tool for Ongoing Formation

    • Huddles: What and Why?

    • Huddles: Who?

    • Huddles: How?

  • 5

    Downloads and Acknowledgements

    • Files from Shepherd

    • Acknowledgements

Ready to REACH MORE?

Ongoing formation, training, and inspiration are necessary to sustain a movement of evangelization. Let’s talk about why.