Take discernment seriously. Invite with great intentionality.

Volunteers and passive invitations lead to frustration and lack of buy-in. You need people who will internalize the mission as their personal apostolate. People the Lord has already chosen. This course, combined with our coaching, will guide you to find those the Lord has chosen and to offer them a clear invitation into mission via Reach More Mission Training.

Course Outline

  • 1

    1. Plan and Prepare

    • Welcome to Discern and Invite

    • Where You Are in the Mission Process

    • Point Person Calendar

    • Plan Your Calendar

    • Mission Training Group Participant Calendar

    • Order Training Group Workbooks

    • Download Training Group Workbook PDFs

    • Preview Nextstep and Order Cards

  • 2

    2. Discern People to Invite

    • Chapter Overview

    • People Who Will Drive a Movement

    • You Are Not Looking for Volunteers

    • Faithful, Available, Teachable

    • Begin with Prayer

    • Make a (Long) List

    • Use the Leader Pulse Tool to Organize Invites

    • How Many People to Invite

    • Pray Again for Clarity and Confirmation

    • Steps to Discern Whom to Invite

  • 3

    3. Invite Your Training Group

    • Chapter Overview

    • Decide Who's Inviting Whom

    • Set Up Invitation Meetings

    • Your Invitation Mindset

    • A Sample Invitation

    • Prepare for Your Invitation Meetings

    • Handouts for Potential Group Members

    • Information for Invitees

    • Información para invitados

    • Mission Training Group Participant Calendar

    • Calendario para participantes del grupo de entrenamiento misionero

    • The Invitation Conversation

    • After the Invitation: Send Videos and Discernment Information

    • Follow Up on All Invitations

    • When People Commit to Reach More

    • When People Say No

    • Steps to Invite People to Reach More Mission Training

  • 4

    Downloads and Acknowledgements

    • Files from Discern and Invite

    • Acknowledgements