Your leaders need you now, more than ever.

Imagine that you’ve spent months prayerfully discerning, forming, and training a group of disciple-makers. The rubber meets the road for these disciple-makers when you send them to lead small groups and one-on-ones, and all concepts and training may seem less-than-adequate to them. You’re now a shepherd to the shepherds, and they need your encouragement, support, and inspiration to lean into mission. We’ll coach you to help these leaders guide their flocks into meaningful encounters with the Lord Jesus. We’ll also coach you into tending to your leaders’ further development as Jesus’ servants and friends.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • A New Season as Point Person

    • To Succeed and Grow, Leaders Need Shepherds

    • Formation Isn't Finished

    • The Mission Doesn't Wait

    • REACH MORE Support Network on Facebook

    • What This Course Teaches

    • Your Task List for First Small Group Season

  • 2

    2-minute Check-ins

    • Purpose of 2-minute Check-ins

    • When to Send

    • Increase the Response Rate

    • 2-minute Check-in Samples for First SG Season

    • Responding to Leader Responses

    • Retain and Store Data

  • 3

    One-on-Ones with Leaders

    • Continue Meeting One-on-One with Leaders

    • Frequency of One-on-Ones

    • Keep Goals in Mind

    • One-on-One Outline

    • One-on-One Session Planner - Shepherding leaders

    • Opening Prayer

    • Life

    • Growth

    • Mission

    • Closing Prayer

  • 4

    Small Group Leader Huddles

    • Plan a Leader Huddle for This Small Group Season

    • Goals for Huddle

    • Purpose of Huddle

    • Huddle Outline

    • Introduction to Huddle Facilitation Guides

    • Facilitation Guide for First Huddle

    • Facilitation Guide for Huddle Introducing Nextstep

    • What's Next For Your Small Group

    • Huddle Video: What Is Nextstep

    • Huddle Video: Introduction to Nextstep for Small Group Leaders

  • 5

    Small Groups Reception

    • Why Have a Small Groups Reception?

    • Essential Elements

    • Sample Reception Outline

    • Options and Tips

    • File Downloads

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