More Than Best Practices

At this point in the mission process, you have disciple-makers equipped and ready for mission. We’ll coach you in how to support them as they personally build small groups and begin mentoring others in discipleship one-on-one.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Course Overview

    • Where You Are in the Mission Process

    • Don't Delay Planning!

    • Two Strategies: Personal or Public Launch

    • Launch Strategy Considerations

  • 2

    Small Group Discussion Guides

    • Introduction to Small Group Discussion Guides

    • Which Discussion Guide to Use?

    • A Discount for You on EC Books

    • Decide on Your Order Details

  • 3

    Prepare Leaders to Invite

    • Module Overview

    • The Priority of Personal Invitations

    • Why Leaders Must Invite People to Their Groups

    • Steps for Personal Invitations

    • Prepare Leaders to Invite

    • Invitation Cheat Sheet

    • Follow-Up with Leaders During One-on-Ones

  • 4

    Prepare for Public Launch

    • Module Overview

    • Assess Personal Invitation Outcomes

    • Small Group Capacity Worksheet

    • How to Determine Capacity for Existing Leaders

    • How to Estimate Results of New Leaders' Personal Invites

    • Public Launch Tactics Overview

    • Determine the Strength of Your Publicity Efforts

    • Public Launch Complete Checklist

  • 5

    Print and Digital Advertising

    • Module Overview

    • Timing of Publicity

    • Sample Bulletin Announcements

    • Promotional Posters and Images

    • Print and Digital Publicity Planner

  • 6

    Mass Publicity Weekends

    • Module Overview

    • Choose Mass Publicity Weekend Dates

    • Protect Mass Publicity Weekend Dates

    • Planning Mass Publicity Weekends

    • Mass Publicity Weekend Planner

    • Overview of Interest Cards

    • Options for Using the Interest Cards

    • Announcing Interest Cards at Publicity Masses

    • Prompts for Announcing Interest Cards at Publicity Masses

    • Interest Card Samples

    • Pastor Role at Publicity Masses

    • Prompts for Endorsing Small Groups

    • Keep Track of All Roles

    • Mass Publicity Roles Prep Chart

    • Point Person Role at Publicity Masses

  • 7

    Small Group Leaders at Mass Publicity Weekends

    • Small Group Leaders' Role at Publicity Masses

    • MPW Packet for Small Group Leaders

    • At Publicity Masses: Invite to Small Groups

    • At Publicity Masses: Personal Witness

    • Optional: Gather Leaders Before Publicity Masses

    • Overview of Testimonies at Mass

    • Who Should Speak at Mass?

    • Prepare Everyone Who Gives a Testimony

    • Three Testimony Prep Meetings

    • Testimony Preparation Tracking Chart

    • Meeting 1: Content Review

    • Meeting 2: Rehearsal

    • Meeting 3: Encouragement and Prayer

  • 8

    Small Group Tracking Tool

    • Module Overview

    • Small Group Tracking Tool Introduction

    • Find Your Tracking Tool

    • Working with the Tracking Tool

    • Introduction to Tracking Tool Tabs

    • Tracking Tool Tab Descriptions

    • Find the Small Group Interest Form (Google Form)

    • Use the Small Group Interest Form

    • Use the Sign-Ups, Invites, and Assignments Tab to Record Calls

    • Others Can Help Enter Data

    • Assign People to Groups

    • How to Share the Small Group Tracking Tool

    • Handout: Record Calls and Assignments with the Small Group Tracking Tool

  • 9

    Call Back Process

    • Module Overview

    • Call-back Process Task List

    • 5-Step Call Back Process

    • Unanswered Calls

    • Use Phone Calls, Not Email

    • Calling Scripts

    • Record Calls in the Tracking Tool (Optional)

    • Special Case Call-Backs

    • Tips for Assigning Groups

    • Calling Party (Optional)

    • Plan the Calling Party

    • Calling-Party Protocol: Pray and Exhort

    • Calling-Party Protocol: Instructions for Calling

    • Calling-Party Protocol: Point Person Role

    • Calling-Party Protocol: After

    • Point Person Role: Call-backs and Small Group Launch

    • File Downloads

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