Give them deep roots.

Don’t assume conversion and discipleship. The REACH MORE Training Group experience begins with robust formation in a life of ongoing conversion and catechesis. In group and one-on-one settings, Point People will establish lay disciples in the heart and habits of daily prayer, Scripture, Sacrament, and community, and begin equipping them to be missionary disciples with the Father’s heart for the world.

Mission oriented, from the very start!

Over four to five months, the disciple-makers-in-training will gather weekly for group formation and meet with a Point Person for one-on-one discipleship mentoring. They…

  • Receive inspiring talks oriented at the heart of practical evangelization

  • Engage in Scripture-based reflection and group discussion

  • Learn to surrender their personal life, vocation, and mission to Jesus

  • Prepare and practice the art sharing their faith story

  • Participate in transformative, communal intercessory prayer

  • Learn to pray daily using enriching at-home daily prayer guides

  • Receive personal one-on-one discipleship mentoring

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Welcome to Form Missionary Disciples!

    • Where You Are in the Mission Process

    • Course Overview

    • Training Group Prep Task List

    • Training Group Workbooks

    • Read Participant Workbook Introductions First

    • Read the Facilitator Guide Introduction

  • 2

    How to Facilitate Training Group Sessions

    • Module Overview

    • Start with Love

    • The Power of Hospitality

    • Facilitate More Than Teach

    • Facilitator Techniques

    • Holy Spirit-filled Discussion

    • Allow Silence

    • Affirm and Encourage

    • Prepare for Difficult Behaviors

    • Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

    • What About Theologically Questionable Comments?

    • End on Time

  • 3

    Asking Good Questions

    • Module Overview

    • Asking Good Questions

    • Three Types of Questions

    • Observation Questions

    • Understanding Questions

    • The Power of Experience Questions

    • Application Questions

  • 4

    Get Ready for One-on-Ones

    • Module Overview

    • One-on-One Frequency

    • Schedule One-on-Ones Early

    • REACH MORE Provides Content for One-on-Ones

    • Ask Questions One-on-One to Explore the Interior Life

    • Using the Discipleship Wheel in One-on-Ones

    • One-on-One Book: The Way of a Disicple

    • Not a Check-in

    • One-on-One Session Planner Explanation

    • One-on-One Session Planner

    • 10 Discipleship Conversations_Leader Packet

    • 10 Discipleship Conversations_Companion Packet

  • 5

    How to Lead One-on-Ones with Training Group Members

    • Module Overview

    • The First Get-Together

    • Discipleship Content

    • Priority of Scripture

    • Scripture in Training Group One-on-Ones

    • Lectio Divina

    • Thinking Beyond Curriculum

    • The 9 Essentials of a Disciple-maker

    • 4 Foundational Essentials

    • Essential 5: Get to Know the Person

    • Essential 6: Be Trustworthy

    • Essential 7: Share Your Life

    • Essential 8: Be Patient

    • Essential 9: Get Over Yourself

    • Reflect on How You're Doing

    • 9 Essentials Reflection Questions

    • Tips and Considerations

    • Remember to Prayerfully Prepare

    • You Can Do This!

  • 6

    Logistical Preparations

    • Module Overview

    • Meeting Location Matters

    • Prepare for Video Projection During Meetings

    • Testimony Sign-up Sheet

    • Video Access for Training Group Members

  • 7

    Videos for Training Group Formation Sessions

    • Module Overview

    • Session 1 Video: The Role of Small Groups and One-on-Ones

    • Session 2 Video: Evangelization 101

    • Session 3 Video: The Prerequisite for Evangelization

    • Session 4 Video: Connection to Christ

    • Session 11 Video: Person-to-Person

    • Session 12 Video: Our Deepest Identity

    • Session 13 Video: Drive and Sustain the Mission

    • Session 14 Video: Role of the Laity

    • File Downloads

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