Take discernment seriously. Invite with great intentionality.

Volunteers and passive invitations lead to frustration and lack of buy-in. You need people who will internalize the mission as their personal apostolate. People the Lord has already chosen. This course, combined with our coaching, will guide you to find those the Lord has chosen and to offer them a clear invitation into mission via a REACH MORE Training Group.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Discern People to Invite

    • Welcome to Discern and Invite Leaders!

    • Module Overview

    • People Who Will Drive a Movement

    • Co-laborers vs. Volunteers

    • Faithful, Available, Teachable

    • Begin with Prayer

    • Size of Group

    • Steps to Discern Whom to Invite

  • 2

    Plan Your REACH MORE Calendar

    • Module Overview

    • Prepare to Plan Your Calendar

    • Point Person Master Calendar

    • Steps to Plan Your Calendar

    • Step 1: Choose Small Group Launch Date

    • Starting Small Groups in Lent

    • Starting Small Groups Outside of Lent

    • Step 2: Determine Weeks for Small Group Leader Training Workshops

    • Step 3: Determine Weeks for One-on-One Discipleship Training Workshops

    • Step 4: Choose Weeks for Form Sessions

    • Step 5: Schedule Weeks to Prepare for Form Sessions

    • Step 6: Review Calendar with Pastor and Coach

    • Make a Simple Calendar for Invitees

  • 3

    Invite Your Training Group

    • Module Overview

    • Make Personal Invitations

    • Invitation Guidelines

    • Handouts for Potential Small Group Leaders

    • Information for Invitees - Parish

    • Schedule of Formation and Training (Lent SGs)

    • Videos for Potential Small Group Leaders

    • Healthy Detachment

    • When People Commit to REACH MORE

    • File Downloads

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