Formation and Training of a Shepherd

From basic skills of leading group formation and one-on-one mentoring, to developing the heart of a shepherd who contends for the sheep, this course will give new point people the foundation they need to lead your local REACH MORE movement.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Course Overview

    • Where You Are in the Mission Process

    • Discern & Invite While You Train as Point Person

  • 2

    The Point Person Role in Context

    • Module Overview

    • What a Point Person Does

    • Ministry and Apostolate

    • Introduction to EC Diagrams

    • The Evangelization Pyramid

    • The Discipleship Wheel

    • The Intentional Ministry Baseball Diamond

    • Integrating EC Diagrams

  • 3

    Point Person Responsibilities

    • Module Overview

    • Meet with Coach and Plan Calendar

    • Cultivate New Leaders

    • Form and Train New Leaders

    • Send Leaders into Mission

    • Shepherd Leaders

    • Expand a Movement of Evangelization

    • Time Commitment

  • 4

    A Point Person Is a Shepherd

    • Module Overview

    • Your Role as Point Person

    • The Character of a Shepherd

    • The Character of a Builder

    • Contending for More of God's Presence

  • 5

    A Point Person Is Connected to Christ

    • Module Overview

    • Remain Close to Jesus

    • Pray Daily

    • Introducing Some Prayer Resources

    • The Discipleship Wheel Prayer Exercise

    • Questions of the Heart

    • ACTS - A Way to Pray Every Day

    • How to Pray Lectio Divina

    • Discipleship Plan

    • Practice Praying Aloud in Your Own Words

    • Speak to Jesus; Speak of Jesus

    • Seek the Joy of Jesus

  • 6

    Training Group and Small Groups Defined

    • Module Overview

    • What Formation and Training Include

    • Formation and Training for Apostolate

    • How Equipping Leaders Builds a Movement

    • Small Group Leader Training

    • Evangelization Small Groups Defined

    • Similarities and Differences

    • You Model Small Group Facilitation

  • 7

    One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring Defined

    • Module Overview

    • One-on-Ones Foster Discipleship and Evangelization

    • One-on-One Discipleship Mentoring Defined

    • Basic Components of a One-on-One

    • REACH MORE Provides Content for One-on-Ones

    • Differences Between Training Group and Small Group One-on-Ones

    • Difference 1: Natural Connection vs. Assigned One-on-Ones

    • Difference 2: Friendship vs. Pastoral Relationship

    • Difference 3: Much Trust Is Already Established

    • Difference 4: Faith and Desire for Growth Assumed

    • Discipleship Mentoring vs. Spiritual Direction

    • You Completed Point Person Training!

    • File Downloads

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