Your Movement Needs Shepherds

Point people lead the implementation of the mission process. They raise up disciple-makers, and care for them. It’s important to find the right individuals for this role, the ones God has chosen. We’ll help you find them.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Point Person Role

    • Welcome to Discern Point People

    • Course Overview

    • Seek a Shepherd and a Builder

    • The Character of a Shepherd

    • The Character of a Builder

    • Contending for More of God's Presence

    • Who Will Be a Good Fit?

    • Point Person Responsibilities

    • Time Commitment

  • 2

    Invite Potential Point People

    • Tips for Inviting

    • Guidelines for Inviting Point People

    • No Pressure!

    • Handout for Potential Point People

    • Point Person Discernment Packet

    • What if I Can't Find Point People in Time?

  • 3

    Get Point People Started!

    • Point Person Access to REACH MORE

    • Point Person Orientation

    • File Downloads

Ready to REACH MORE?

Let’s talk about starting a disciple-making movement of evangelization.