Your parish should be vibrant.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (Jesus, John 10:10).

Your parish offers what the world needs—Jesus. People long to experience the abundant life only Jesus can give, and you’re well-positioned to lead them to him. But the fact is, only 22% of Catholics in America are attending Mass weekly. Even fewer than that are deeply committed to prayer and service, let alone making more disciples. You haven’t been idle. You've already tried many programs and initiatives, sometimes with great results, but you’re reaching the same few. You still haven't seen lasting, widespread change. You don't need another program.

You need a movement of laborers.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few" (Matthew 9:37).

You can be more fruitful. When the lay faithful labor with you to bring Jesus to the world, your parish can become the vibrant community it's meant to be. We will train and equip you to raise up lay mission leaders who will reach the people in their lives only they can reach. The Evangelical Catholic has been forming lay leaders since the early 1990s. We can show you how to start and lead a local, self-sustaining evangelization movement.

Reach More Testimonials

Sacred Heart Catholic Parish, El Reno, Oklahoma

Cecelia ​Voss

"Many members of our Church have been brought back to Church through our Reach More groups. They are in evangelization small groups with family members who invite them back to Church. . . . At this year’s Reconciliation services, local priests from larger parishes said, 'you have more people coming than we do, even though our parishes are larger.'"

St. Clement Catholic Parish, Chicago, Illinois​

Rachel Espinoza

"I’ve been waiting 5 years to do ministry in this way. It’s not a program but a culture we’re creating."

St. Helena Catholic Parish, Blue Bell, Pennsylvania

Kurt Zampier

"Our Reach More formation and training sessions are a highlight of my week! It’s not about when to launch small groups as a program, but instead it’s about when do we launch our leaders into mission. It’s a people mentality, not a program mentality."

Where We Reach More

Urban, rural, big, small. We've helped over 200 ministries launch local, self-sustaining movements of disciple makers. Why not yours?

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