Terms Defined

Reach More contains Paths, Tracks, Modules, Units, and Items.

  • Paths are the largest collection of material. Currently there is only one path, called Laying the Foundation. We will add more paths in the future.
  • Tracks are collections of modules. You have access to all modules in a track simultaneously. Tracks must be completed sequentially.
  • Modules are like mini courses on a particular topic. They are shown in Reach More with a round number icon.
  • Units are the steps within each module and must be completed in order.
  • Items are individual pieces of content accessible within each unit.

Navigating Reach More

  • The "Start Path" button will take you directly into the first module so you can get started.
  • Progress through Reach More by clicking "Next Item" or "Continue Unit" after you view each item.
  • When you have completed all the items in a unit, click "Complete Unit" and the next unit will become available.
  • When you have completed all the units in a module, you will be able to complete the module. You must complete all the modules within a track before seeing the option to complete track. Once you complete a track, the next track will become available.
  • The "Continue Progress" button is your bookmark as you work through Reach More. It will always take you to the furthest uncompleted place where you have access, even after you log out and log in again.
  • Click on the path name to see an overview of the tracks and modules in the path. Click on the module name to see an overview of all the units and items in the module. Completed material is always available for you to review.


Your assessment responses will be stored in our system so that your Reach More coach will be able to give you personalized assistance with your ministry. You will not be able to see your answers after you submit them, but you will be able to take the same assessment again at a later date.

Please contact us with comments, concerns, or questions!