Programs don’t make disciples. People do.

When lay people are trained to spiritually accompany others, their friendships, working relationships, and family relationships become opportunities to introduce simple habits that last for a lifetime. Faith is more easily caught than taught. This is why one-on-one mentoring is the most effective way disciples can go beyond teaching “the faith” and enter into seeking the Lord together, living and modeling faith, side by side.

Teach them how to give what they’ve received.

This multi-session workshop offers six hours of specific formation and training in the art of accompaniment. It will help leaders understand what one-on-one discipleship mentoring is, why it’s worthwhile, and how they can get started helping someone grow as a disciple immediately.

Course Outline

  • 1

    Course Orientation

    • Course Overview

    • Where You Are in the Mission Process

    • One-on-One Training Task List

    • Schedule Options

    • Order Training Workbooks

    • Prepare Additional Supplies

    • Video Access for Small Group Leaders

    • Prepare to Lead Workshop Sessions

  • 2

    Training Part 1

    • Video 1: Why One-on-Ones?

    • Video 2: The Flow into One-on-Ones

    • Video 3: Getting Started

    • Video 4: The First Get-Together

    • Video 5: Part 1 Assignments

  • 3

    Training Part 2

    • Video 6: Regular One-on-One Meetings

    • Video 7: Discipleship Content

    • Video 8: The Priority of Scripture

    • Video 9: Thinking Beyond Curriculum

  • 4

    Training Part 3

    • Video 10: Essentials 1 to 4

    • Video 11: Essential 5 "Get to Know the Person"

    • Video 12: Essential 6 "Be Trustworthy"

    • Video 13: Essential 7 "Share Your Life"

    • Video 14: Essential 9 "Get Over Yourself"

    • Video 15: Tips and Considerations

    • File Downloads

Ready to REACH MORE?

One-on-ones are both the most simple and the most rigorous part of making more disciples. Let's talk about why.